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Hey, I’m Tereza

Self confessed extroverted introvert, a hopeless romantic, cheese addict, wine & gin appreciator, a lover of nature, simplicity, chateauxs, travel and exploration of new places :)… and I over use the smiley faces ;). Oh and I’m also a Personal Branding & Wedding Photographer.

Welcome to my place :).

tereza x


What can I help with

Personal branding & lifestyle portraits photography


Elevate your brand and your business & attract more clients. Perfect for the heart centered business owners, boss ladies & bloggers.


Prices start at £225

Content creation & product photography


Ideal for physical product business owners and bloggers. It’s all about creating high quality, storytelling images that sell.


Prices start at £140

Photography & business training


Ideal for bloggers, influencors and business owners who need regular fresh content for social media.


Prices start at £35

Stock Photos


Stock photos with a soul. Variety of images for all your businesses need. Individual photos and bundles available. Need a specific image, get in touch, I’m always creating new images :).


Prices start at £5.50

Exclusive FREE Stock photography

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20 Free stock images

20 Free stock images

Hey YOU! Yes, YOU!!! Do you like nice surprises? Well today just might be your lucky day! I’m thrilled to announce that I am giving away 20 stock photographs for free!! This means you can get your hands on these 20 photos for you to use on your website, social media,...

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