Recently I got totally  enchanted by lavender. I love the look of it, I love the smell of it, I love it in cosmetics and I also love to photograph it. And  I just looooove to use it to jazz up some of my culinary creations :). Yes, you heard me right – I use it for cooking (note of caution – it has to be special culinary lavender and it also should be used sporadically – trust me on this one I learned the hard way :). We have tried honey/lemon and lavender chicken which was awesome. Lavender Cremebrulee totally rocks. My totally favorite  one is Lavender Martini – these are literally out of this world. Ideal for those long leisurely chilled out afternoons/evenings with your friends and loved ones, that you wish would never end :). The recipe can be found on one of my favorite websites – Style Me Pretty Living ( link is below).

Happy week and happy mixing 😉


Tereza xxox





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