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Sunday is always ‘my relaxing day’. My ideal Sunday morning, which I’m happy to say are most Sundays mornings actually 🙂 – are spent with a lovely black coffee snuggled up in my bed browsing through my favourite blogs. Lifestyle blogs with a mixture of dreamy wanderlust posts, food and cocktail recipes, some shopping/cruelty free beauty product reviews & tips, useful life hacks and tips, healthy natural lifestyle advice, diy tips…


And of course (being the ‘forever student’) also some fab blogs with great business, marketing and mindset tips.


If you are anything like me… you follow quite a few… Yes, there are so many to choose from and more importantly, to stay on top of. Before I came across this useful tool, it was a huge struggle to stay on top of them. The FOMO syndrome creeping in, panic ensuing as I didn’t want to miss something useful or nice. That was until I found




This one little website can save you a lot of time, hassle, and dare I say most FOMO attacks :)… basically, if you use Bloglovin, you will never miss a post.

If you are not familiar with this amazing timesaver, go and give it a go. It helps you to stay on top of all your adored blogs as it basically keeps collecting all the blog posts from all your favourite blogs (that you select) – it shows them in one feed/place. This is what it looks like:







All you have to do is start following the blogs that you like and anytime that blog publishes a new post, it will automatically get added to your blog post queue. From there you can quickly decide whether you want to read that blog post or not – since each blog post has the title, a little bit of text, photo and the name of the blog that it came from. Isn’t it just pure time saving magic?

Give it a go, I promise you won’t regret it :).

I personally adore quite a few…and if you need any inspiration with finding some news ones, you can see the list of my favourites right here :).

So, which one is your favourite blog?


Tereza xox


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Life lately & Monday amusings

Life lately & Monday amusings

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