How to find and choose the best wedding suppliers – part 2

Hello lovely bride. The sun outside is shining and it’s promising a lovely day ahead. We will be celebrating Paul’s birthday this weekend which will definitely involve a lovely dinner (and wine of course- helloooo :); a beautiful walk in the nature somewhere to recharge our batteries (everything is so fresh, new and green, buzzing with energy); and of course some pressies and perhaps a little chill out time in the spa, since the weather is not supposed to be so great from tomorrow onwards. So let’s get straight to it so we can all spend more time out there – adventuring (yes that is a real word).

If you didn’t catch my first installment of how to find and choose the best wedding suppliers, head over here, you really don’t want to miss it.

For the rest of you let’s continue with the 5 ‘must’ boxes that every supplier should tick.

4, They share your passion

You are excited about your wedding day of course. But so should be all the wedding suppliers. They should be in love with what they do, and their passion should come across when they talk. You can ask them why they do what they do and you should see their face light up (or alternatively get excited as a little puppy 🙂 and with excitement describe their “why” :).

They should also show enthusiasm about your day and ideas and perhaps even throw in some suggestions or recommendations how to make it even more spectacular.

So, can you feel their excitement and passion as they talk about your wedding day?

5, Listen to your gut

This is a big one. Because deep down we can tell if things feel right or wrong – it’s just learning how to recognise the little voice. Granted, it’s not always easy, but how many times did you thank yourself when you went with your intuition when things didn’t feel quite right…. Yes exactly. So discuss it with your fiancee and family… then meditate on it/sleep on it/journal about it/write pros and cons or eat some chocolate (always helps me 🙂 – basically whatever works for you.  And you should know.

So do they put you totally at ease? Do you feel like you can be yourself and totally relaxed around them? Do you feel like you can trust them with your amazing day?

So that’s it, that’s the big must 5 :).

Now, if you are still not sure or can’t decide after following the big 5, or you need to know really really fast if someone is the right person for you (like on the spot) – on Tuesday I will share with you my secret and amazingly powerful questions, that you can ask yourself which will immediately tell you whether someone is right for you or not 🙂

It’s a little shortcut, and it works, every single time.

It really is that simple.

Plus a little something special that I am so excited to share with you.

Have a beautiful Easter and lovely long weekend.


Tereza xx



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