Monday (a)musings – no.1

Although our weekend was pretty low key and uneventful – due to a scheduled recuperative time after my wisdom teeth extraction. Not very wise wisdom tooth if you ask me… it was growing horizontally, still in the bone and gums (sorry for the sordid details) and decided that only the smallest part of it will peak out… hence the small ‘surgery’. All I can say is that sedation rocks ;).

Anyway, it was nice to have a quiet weekend with absolutely no plans for a change :). We managed to catch up on some of our favourite box sets (Bosh and Versailles), read loads and had some unsurprising naps to help my body recover faster (so I can start eating properly sooner 😉 😆 ).

In contrast to the quite weekend, I’m very excited for the week ahead as a lot is planned :). Not just the finale of Game of Thrones (sob), some major work marathons too; but most importantly we should have the final few big pieces of our new furniture delivered this week (massive wardrobe, a few chests of draws) …which means we can progress with sorting out and setting up of our new very own first home (yes some photos coming soon) which we just adore and still quite can’t believe we now have.

Have a beautiful week, and don’t forget – work hard, play hard ;).


T x


Here are a few lovely links for you this Monday

:: Wanderlust – daydreaming… or choosing our next holiday destination in Greece 😀

:: Everyone should have one of these cabins (hastag cabinenvy)

:: This looks yummy & healthy at the same time

:: Will be attempting these cute soap bars myself very soon (another step towards my ‘cruelty free, natural and simple’ goals)

:: No space for a herb garden ? ‘Oh mon dieu‘ that is your kitchen, apothecary and beauty shell all in one- with these and these tips there are no excuses

:: Correct and positive mindset is half of the success, and with these mantras, it will be easy – just stick them on your mirror/ iPhone as a reminder…

:: This organisational technique really rocks



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Life lately & Monday amusings

Life lately & Monday amusings

The whole field was bathed in the soft warm dreamy-like evening sunshine. Leaves shimmering whilst gently ruffled by a light breeze, birds gliding effortlessly. Everything was peaceful, airy and beautiful. It was the sort of evening perfect for a romantic hand in hand...


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