Welcome to my new home

This announcement is so big I thought about sending all my followers a chilled bottle of nice Laurent-Perrier, just so they could pop their corks with me as I reveal - that our new website is live!

I just can not believe it. After so many months of hard work, research, tweaking, re-doing, selecting and narrowing down, slightly heated discussions and negotiations between the creative me “what I want the website to look like and do” and technophobe me “what is technically possible to do” and many many hours of work….. it’s arrived!

Yes yes yes.

My brand spanking new, rebranded and revamped website is here. I KNOW!!!!

I am as excited as a little child the night before Christmas - actually that doesn’t do it justice.

So whilst it’s been rather quiet on all fronts my end in the last few month, I have been busy shooting oh so many wonderful weddings as well as a few new projects. As part of my mission to help other women shine I have done and started to offer personal branding shoots for female entrepreneurs (womenpower right :) which I thoroughly enjoy - you can read more about it here. This is a new exciting side that I’m looking forward to developing along with another photography genre - portraiture and boudoir (I know super exciting and more about this soon :).

So yes… there will be changes…it was time to reshuffle and step up, to let some things go to make space for the new…

I will be sharing more with you over the next couple of weeks… so stay tuned.

So what do you think of my new home? Whilst it’s still not 100% there and finished … I’ve decided to go with the saying ‘done is better than perfect’… but over the next few weeks all should be finished - including the new blog categories (business tips, photography tips …) so be ready for a few more little changes.

Big news, right? Totally makes you forget how I teased you with a free bottle of bubbly just now, huh? :)

Loads of love

Yours super excited

Tereza xox


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