Total carnage! Clothes, make-up, books and paperwork were everywhere – in the suitcase, on the bed, on the floor. Me running around in a circle, attempting one pile with determination, then getting overwhelmed with it,  so briskly moving on to the next pile hoping for “a bit of luck with this one”.  What to take, what will I need, what will I wish I had….

When Paul finally announced with his laid back, cool, matter of fact tone “Thirty minutes till the taxi is here”, I started to panic. I was already hot and bothered at this point, not far from a melt down, thinking “This clothes packing business is not for me – I totally suck! All the time, every time”.

In the end, I ended up doing what I always do – throw in everything and anything, trying to squeeze as much as possible in.

Meanwhile my photography suitcase and bags, all neatly packed, were quietly waiting for me by the door, all ready to go. How can I be so organised with one thing and hot pile of mess with other?

Well let’s leave this question hanging for now (unless you are either a clothes or psychology guru and have any tips for me ;); you are probably wondering where I was going with it? Oh yes – weddings?

It is no coincidence that there are Wedding Planners & Designers who plan and organise weddings and it is their full time job.

If you have already started, you know too well that wedding planning is not for the faint-hearted, even more so when you are planning your destination wedding. Getting and staying organised is not an option, it is a necessity.

In fact, it is probably  the most crucial part to planning your wedding efficiently, stress free and saving you tons of time – without constantly struggling to find contact numbers for that great band that you saw on Facebook or a picture of the lovely bouquet that you simply must have.


So before you start anything, get yourself set up, ready, organised and get the following!


For all your thoughts, meeting notes, ideas etc get a diary as there will be many appointments/deadlines and you don’t want to miss a thing (whether it is your iPhone calendar or a nice Filofax – whatever you are currently using will probably work a treat :).

PRO TIP – you can create a shared calendar and create different groups and types of appointments for specific groups so your fiancé, parents, bridesmaids can have access to this and they will always know when and where to be 🙂


To keep all your inspiration, contact details and ideas in one place. You might want to split this into sections such as flowers, entertainment, food, decoration, photography etc

Extra bonus if it has a few wallets, pen and a notepad holder :).

Wedding folder in your inbox

Again you might want to split it into various mailbox categories such and florist folder – then folder for each person/company you have enquired with. The the same for cakes, band etc.

PRO TIP – you can set up a few more folders such as “GREAT IDEAS” “INSPIRATION” “USEFUL”… then when you come across something on the the internet, pintereset or magazine, just copy and paste or take a photo/screen print, then send this to yourself via e-mail :). That way you have it all in one place.

Wedding folder on your computer

As with the Wedding folder in your inbox (above) set up different folders for each category for all your documents, contracts, inspiration  (with sub categories for every aspect of the wedding).

So that’s it :).

Do you have any other great organisational tips for the other brides? Please share with us here :).

Happy wedding planning


Tereza xx